Saturday, 25 June 2011

T.S.Ambuscade 70 years old... well nearly

TS Ambuscade becomes 70 years old in 2012 , even though we have an unofficial reunion on every Remembrance Day we think an official reunion for the unit's 70th birthday is a good idea !! 
We have yet to suggest it to the relevant people but if anyone has any ideas to have an event we would love to hear .

We plan to have a formal evening with the present cadets staff and commitee on a Friday eve, then on the Saturday to have the reunion with the ex cadets with a disco and buffet ! If anyone has any more suggestion let us know .

Also HMS Ambuscade Association are holding a major Reunion in Crewe to coincide with the 30 year anniversary of the Falklands Campaign. Do you want to suggest or arrange anything with them ?

So 2012 could be a big year for all of us !

Obviously dates and venues need to be confirmed