Friday 21 June 2013

The Girls were the best too ... National Drill Champions

They didn't have Rifles like us lads, but they were easily our equal at drill. A few years after we were crowned champions. The Girls won the National Drill Competition, commanded by Tracey Boulton.

Thursday 24 November 2011

My 1st Camp - no it wasn't that one ;-)

My 1st Camp, with the Cadets, was the area below Maiden Castle at Bickerton.
It was in good old fashioned canvas tents, with rope up doors.

I think it was around 1980 - a few names I can remember from back then, and probably on the camp, were - Derick Moran, Eddie Hamel, Kev Wilcox, Kev Stubbs, John Sturmey, Ashley Mills, Anthony Buckley, Steven Garratt - I do remember Graeme Malam was there. apologies for any Spellings :-)

When we got there, we found that a large contingent of Army Cadets were already there - we soon got invited to join in thier Night Exercises.

It was the only time that I went there, from then on it was the Easter Camp at Wimbolsley Wood near Winsford.

View from Maiden Castle

Sunday 13 November 2011


Another great turnout...
Huge crowd at the square, maybe due to it being the mildest November I can remember.
and many at the Unit, afterwards (including a few that we haven't seen for a great many years) - Toasting absent friends, cheering on the young cadets and of course "Band Practice"

But let's not forget what the day is about...
Our own moment of remembrance for Paul Reece, Killed in Ulster in 1979 - aged only 19. To some an actual friend, but for most of us a poignant reminder of the true meaning of the day.