Thursday, 24 November 2011

My 1st Camp - no it wasn't that one ;-)

My 1st Camp, with the Cadets, was the area below Maiden Castle at Bickerton.
It was in good old fashioned canvas tents, with rope up doors.

I think it was around 1980 - a few names I can remember from back then, and probably on the camp, were - Derick Moran, Eddie Hamel, Kev Wilcox, Kev Stubbs, John Sturmey, Ashley Mills, Anthony Buckley, Steven Garratt - I do remember Graeme Malam was there. apologies for any Spellings :-)

When we got there, we found that a large contingent of Army Cadets were already there - we soon got invited to join in thier Night Exercises.

It was the only time that I went there, from then on it was the Easter Camp at Wimbolsley Wood near Winsford.

View from Maiden Castle

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